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Mr. D. Parra

Mission Statement:

The goal of teaching history/social science is to prepare our students to be informed and responsible members of a diverse democratic society.  If students are to understand and participate successfully in local, national, and international events it is crucial that they possess a solid background in history and the social sciences. We must provide our students with opportunities to think critically, to develop an informed opinion, to research a topic effectively, to express their ideas both orally and in writing, and to listen to others who believe differently than themselves.



Non scholæ sed vitæ



California State University Long Beach - B.A. History 

  • Area of Concentration Asia(Japan)/U.S.
California State University Long Beach - Single Subject Credential (NCLB)


Research Topics:

Japan's pop culture and its effect on the U.S.                                                           

Japanese animation as a reflection on Japanese society

Visual arts in the classroom


A little about me:

Passionate about history and education, be prepared to show me effort, and we will get along fine.


PBL Presentations Appointment Calendar
  Wednesday 5/23 Thursday 5/24 Friday 5/25
Period 2

Mejia - Ernesto

Reyes - Daniel A.

Vida - Ayanna

Mejia - Cayla

Reyes Casey M.

Vida - Saul

Mejia - Jace B.

Reyes - Angelica

Vida - January

Period 3

Reyes -Lance B.

Vida - Micah

Round 1

Mejia - Felino H.

Reyes - An Caye

Vida - Jose G.

Round 2

Vida - Patricia

Mejia - Aniyah W.

Reyes - Maricela G.

Vida - Kennedy

Period 4

Reyes - Trent O.

Vida - Nicole S.

1st round

Reyes - Elizabeth C.

Vida - Avigail

2nd round

Reyes - Edwin

Vida - Makayla

3rd round

Reyes - Deven


Period 6

Reyes - Julia Sap.


1st round

Mejia - Teresa

Reyes - Alondra V.

Vida - Madeline

2nd round

Mejia - Jean

Reyes - Susan

Vida - Jack u.