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Debra Weaver

Good afternoon! 
Syllabus etc.



If you have questions or concerns,

please make an appointment with me through my school mail at:!



Create a  Parent Portal account

(see links on the right). 


Gather the following materials:

Loose leaf filler paper in a binder

(no need for a composition book)

- 1 pkg of  3 X 5 index cards and a few rubber bands
- 1 pkg each of blue and red ink pens

- 1 blue, 1 yellow, and 1 pink highlighter



I am your child's teacher for the following: 

English (ELA), History (H-SS), and Reading Elective

English Language Arts:  Students will develop knowledge, understanding, and skills in reading, listening, speaking, and writing as set forth in the Common Core Standards.  

Reading Elective:   Language arts standards will be reviewed and reinforced.

World History and Geography:  Students will read and think like a historian using historical thinking skills with a focus on the ancient world as set forth in the state standards.  We will analyze each civilization’s geography, religion, accomplishments, politics, economy, social structure, (GRAPES) and their contributions to the world.


          GRADES:     A=90-100,  B=80-89,  C=70-79,  D=50-69,  F=0-49



       Student work:  Turning in completed assignments brings success!  If absent, open the Schoology assignment for the missed date and complete then submit it through Schoology.  Warning:  Grades on a missed assignment may be lowered if not completed within two weeks.  I do not provide extra credit work.  Students need to complete the assigned work.  


                 Behavior:  Behave as if your parents are watching. 

                   Your behavior should bring honor to your family!


   Appropriate use of devices in class includes not recording

and cell phones turned off and put in back packs. 



I look forward to seeing your child reach his/her reading, writing and learning goals

this year at Stephen White Middle School!