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Please log onto schoology and see assignments posted.  Please make sure to check your email for any changes.  I will communicate changes through school email.  

Ms. Barker


7th Grade Social Studies:  Ms. Barker Room 73

Dear Parents (and Students),

        Welcome to 7th grade Social Science.  I am Ms. Barker and I will be teaching World History and Geography: Medieval and Early Modern Times.  I love History and enjoy this period of time.  The following is a syllabus and class requirements.

Homework & Class Information: (When we get to classroom)

Homework is an extension of classwork once or twice a week (or daily if student falls behind in class).  All assignments can be accessed through Schoology Gradebook.   I do accept late work so please make sure work is eventually turned in.  If a student is absent the work they missed on that day will be placed in their team folder and must be completed (no exception).  If a student needs help with missing assignment, not sure about assignment or needs help with spiral notebook I am available at nutrition to guide in learning. If a student does not complete their work or is behind on their assignments I will phone home and let parents know. 

While we are in distant learning students need to make sure:  all assignments are turned in though schoology/google doc and or email picture to 

Textbook is McGraw Hill World History & geography one copy at home and on line at CONNECT2.MHEDUCATION.COM

Complete History/Social Studies Standards which this course will follow can be downloaded at:  Common Core Standards can be found at:


I go by a point system and nothing is weighed.  There is no Extra Credit. 

90% = A        80%=B         70% =C        60%=D              Anything below 60% is an F

Work habits:  90%-100% competed work =E   89%-70% =S  Anything lower is a U

Cooperation:  0-2 infractions (in 5 weeks) =E  3-5 infractions =S  6+ infractions is a U


  1.  Everyday students must have a pencil (not a pen)
  2. A Spiral Notebook (Mead 5 Star Spiral Notebook one subject, collage-ruled) one per semester.

Classroom Rules:

Students are required to always give their best effort and be on their best behavior.  Students are expected to follow the school Code of Conduct, the school dress code, and come to class with a positive attitude.  Disruptions to the learning process will not be tolerated. 

Contact Information: Stephen White Middle School is (310) 783-4900.  My conference time is 3rd period.  My email is email is always easiest form of communication during the school day although I am more than happy to conference after school or during conference time by phone.  I will also communicate with everyone through progress reports, grades or ConnectEd as needed.