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Student Lead Conference Night October 18th

Parents and Students! Just a friendly reminder that Student Lead Conference Night will take place Thursday, October 18th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

ACC8 and Math 8 Point totals as of October 9th

Parents and students! Log into Schoology and check out the updates for important analysis on our class' point total as of October 9th.

100% of students who did test corrections scored higher on the retake.

Test Corrections Week 1 is in the books and every single student who completed Test Corrections and did their Test Retake earned a higher score! Congrats to all the students who used this opportunity to raise their grade.


Test Corrections Week 2 is scheduled for Nov 5 to Nov 9.


Parents and students, continue to check your Schoology account regularly for all grades and assignment info.


Student Lead Conference Night is schedule for October 18th from 5pm to 7pm.

Test Corrections & Retakes Week 1 will be Oct 1 through Oct 5

The votes are in! Students have decided to go with Option A for the Test Retakes!


Option A: 3 separate weeks, each scheduled before grading window opens.  The weeks would be Oct 1 to Oct 5, Nov 5 to Nov 9, and Dec 3 to Dec 7.


This means our first week of test corrections will be next week. Due to class size, a maximum of 30 students will be allowed to do their test retake per day. Don't forget to refer to your "Test Corrections Guidelines" for instructions. If you lost the form, it's on Schoology.

Test Corrections & Retakes

Attention Parents,


Please check your students' Interactive Notebook and Schoology for information on Test Corrections and Test Retakes. Also, view their Schoology account see the poll on possible Test Correction weeks voted on by the students.


Option A: 3 separate weeks, each scheduled before grading window opens.  The weeks would be Oct 1 to Oct 5, Nov 5 to Nov 9, and Dec 3 to Dec 7.


Option B: 4 consecutive weeks from Oct 15th to Nov 16th.


The poll will close on Wednesday 9/25/18 and many students have already voted.

After school tutoring is available on campus!

It's week 5 and grades are updated on Schoology. Students and Parents: Stephen White offers after school tutoring Mondays and Wednesdays. Sessions are an hour long. If your grade is a "D" or "Fail", don't wait until week 10 to start figuring out ways to improve it. A PDF version of this flier has been uploaded to Schoology for every class!


Check Schoology each day!

Parents, please make sure to check your child's Schoology each and everyday. Use it as a resource to do the following:

  • See scores and view feedback from the teacher.
  • View past assignments that your child can use to help study or keep them caught up if they were absent from school.
  • View the table of contents for the Interactive Notebook.
  • Message Mr. Gabriel directly and get faster responses.
  • View templates for the Cornell Notes.
  • Access PDF files of workbook or text book pages. Math 8 students can print them out at home if they lose their workbook page.

Couldn't make it to Open House?

Sometimes life happens and we can't all make it to Open House. Parents, make sure to check your child's Schoology for my full Open House presentation. If you have pending questions or concerns, feel free to email me or message me on Schoology.


Parent Portal

Parents, click the link below to set up your Parent Portal account. This will help you view your students' progress on Schoology.

Need help?

Now that more grades are posted on Schoology, you might want to consider paying room 7 a visit in your free time. Mr. Gabriel is available during lunch time for any pending questions you may have we didn't have time to address them in class. He is also available after school until around 4pm. Get into the habit of stopping by room 7 when you have a question. Don't wait until the final grades are due! That will be too late.

Math 8 - M8 Aug 25 Converting repeating decimal numbers to fractions (video notes)

Watch the video below on how to convert repeating decimals to fractions. Also, copy and explain one of the examples in your own words. Bring this assignment back Monday, 8/27/18, for credit.


ACC8 - Equations with one, none, or infinitely many solutions

Include in your Cornell notes, what it means for an equation to have one solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions. Do this in the "comments" section of your "defintions".

Math 8 - Review on rational and irrational numbers

Video Notes

For the following video, copy down 3 examples of rational numbers and 3 examples of irrational numbers.


For each example, write down why it's considered rational or irrational.


Staple this task to the M8 Aug 20 packet we worked on.

C.E.R. - Claim Evidence Reasoning

CER will be included in our interactive notebooks regularly. Make sure to use the following format.

Analytical questioning... 8/15/18

Part A

Check out the video below.


Imagine you are engineer investigating what went wrong. Create your own list of yes or no questions that you would ask in order to find out what happen. List down as many questions you can think of.


Part B

Next, you will guide your research team in order to investigate the rocket's crash. Use the sentence starters provided to create Depth of Knowledge tasks levels 1 through 4. Create 2 tasks/questions per category that you would give to your team during your research. Do not repeat any sentence starters.



Enjoy your summer!

Looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year. In the mean time, enjoy your summer!