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Goal #1 - 100% Graduation

  1. Interventions & Supports
  • College and Career Ready, CTE courses
  • English Language Arts, English Language Development, and Math Interventions
  • AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
  • Dual Language/Bilingual Programs
  • Accelerated Academic Literacy-Tier 3 ELA Intervention
  • Academic Literacy supplemental materials Long-Term English Learner (LTEL) courses Significantly Disproportionate Coordinated Early Intervening Services, or CEIS
  • English Language Development and access to core interventions
  • Social-Emotional Programs

Goal #2 - Proficiency for All

  1. Professional Development
  • Standards-Focused Professional Development improving instructional capacity in all content areas.
  • Alternatives to suspension
  • Positive Behavior Support Systems
  • Student placement of EL, SEL, and LTEL students
  • Long Term English Learners (LTEL) Courses and LTEL Designees.
  • Effective use of technology in the classroom for teaching and learning
  • Assessment of student progress
  • Writing, speaking, and listening standards
  1. Curriculum
  • Supplemental curriculum and materials supporting Common Core State Standards
  • Content Design lessons
  • Summer School
  • Dual Language/Bilingual Programs
  • Curriculum Maps aligned to Common Core State Standards
  1. Instruction
  • Interdisciplinary instruction
  • English Language Development (ELD) Standards Phase-In
  • Plan Use of technology in the classroom to support effective teaching and learning via the Instructional Technology Initiative
  • Design lessons Digital curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards via the Instructional Technology Initiative
  • Alignment of Curriculum with Common Core State Standards, English Language Development Standards, and California Content Standards.
  • Arts integration

Goal #3 - 100% Attendance

  1. Student Health and Human Services
  • Neglected, Delinquent, At-Risk Youth Program
  • Attendance Improvement Program
  1. Targeted Supports to Increase Student Engagement
  • Resources provided to school sites to receive clerical support, Counseling/registration time, custodial, nurses, health services and additional support personnel (Pupil Services and Attendance counselors)
  1. District-wide Student Engagement Plan
  • Develop a Student Leadership, Engagement and Empowerment Plan to be included in the Single Plan for Student Achievement
  • Ensure that student leaders participate and engage in District-wide student engagement efforts
  • Create a process that allows all students to review and comment on the implementation of school plans, budgets, and programs and develop a process that allows students to review and provide input on Local and Central District initiatives, programs, policies, budgets, and goals.
  • Provide student leadership training and learning opportunities through participation in workshops, conferences


Goal #4 - Parent, Community, and Student Engagement

  1. Parental Involvement
  • Provide parent training, learning opportunities and workshops:
    • Supporting Common Core State Standards reinforcement at home, EL reclassification and progress monitoring, graduation requirements and college-readiness, the importance of school experience survey, and social-emotional support.


Goal #5 - Ensure School Safety

  1. School Climate and Restorative Justice Program
  • Promote School Climate and Student Engagement in an effort to develop and maintain:
    • Holistic, safe and healthy school environments
    • Effective positive behavior support and interventions
    • Commitment to a culture of positive and humanistic approach to working with students, staff, and parents


Goal #6 - Basic Services

  1. Supports
  • Breakfast in the Classroom program
  • School Climate and Restorative Justice Program
  • On-going Major Maintenance to facilities