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Holly Anderson Staff
Rita Arias Staff
Joni Badar 8th grade English Teacher and Yearbook Adviser
Rolanda Burke Staff
Courtney Cox Staff
Christopher Dean 7th Grade Honors World History Teacher
James Matthews Staff
May Rudisill SAS/GATE coordinator & Gifted Science Teacher
Debra Weaver Staff

S.A.S Department

10/14/18 6:53 PM
10/14/18 6:53 PM
10/14/18 6:53 PM

       The School for Advanced Studies of Stephen White Middle School has been granted exemplary program designation for many years.  Recently, it was the only SAS in the area that has received that recognition.  


       By providing high-quality differentiated instruction with an emphasis on depth, complexity, acceleration and novelty, our SAS program offers a high-level academic opportunities that meet the unique educational needs of gifted middle school students.  


       Our main goal is excellence in educating the identified gifted and talented students as well as the students who qualified for the 4 critical thinking skills.  Not only that we prepare our student for high school, we aim to prepare them for a higher level of college ambitions with the thought of going to Ivy Schools and other prestigious universities.  We utilize different strategies such as the following: 


*Standard-based instructions      

*Common Core Learning

*Inquiry Science & NGSSS.        

*Cooperative Learning                


*Technology Learning and Projects

*High-level thinking Activities